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‘Adopt innovative ways to discipline children’

An Executive Assistant at Event Pro Limited, Miss Pearl Esi Ahlija, has called on parents and school authorities to come out with innovative ways to instil discipline in children under their care.

That, she said, was because research had shown that harsh forms of discipline usually made children more rebellious and so there was the need to find creative ways of disciplining them.

“Coming out with creative ways to discipline children without harming them is another way to tackle the issue of discipline. What is more satisfying than asking your child to read two or more chapters of a book and summarise it for a reward? You can even ask them to learn five words a day and form sentences with them,” she said.


Miss Ahlija, who is also a freelance public relations practitioner, said this at the graduation ceremony for Kindergarten Two and Class Six pupils of the Light of the World School Complex at New Aplaku in the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra Region. 

The occasion was used to thank God for a successful academic year.

She said there were different levels to which discipline could be adopted in homes and schools and so the need to adopt the best for the betterment of the child.

“First of all, as mentors, parents and teachers, are we disciplined ourselves? 

What example do we set for our children? 

Do we just lash out at them when they do something wrong or do we show them we are disciplined enough to control our temper? 

Do we show that we are disciplined enough to dress appropriately or even disciplined enough not to use harsh and demeaning words? 

These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves,” she said. 

Miss Ahlija stated that to make the teaching and learning processes more effective, parents and teachers should discipline themselves in order to impact the lives of their children and students. 

“With humility, I ask that parents and teachers should exercise some patience with their children and students. 

I know it is not easy handling children in school but we should always bear in mind that whatever we do, they are learning and watching”.

She urged the graduands to discipline themselves as they work hard to achieve their goals.


Ms Ahlija stated: “You are moving into a new chapter in your lives. 

It is not going to be easy. 

You will face new challenges, challenges you did not even dream of but you should know that it is a process of life. 

Discipline is being able to follow through on your decisions, your goals and your dreams. 

So all I can say is that when you fall 10 times get up 10 times and your teachers and your parents would be there to catch you.”

The Proprietress of the school, Mrs Esther Hamilton, touted the achievements of the school in producing doctors, lawyers, engineers, among other personalities.

“Practically every Light of the World School student is a graduate. 

They are all over the place impacting society positively,” she said and added that I am so proud of students of the Light of the World School.

She thanked God for what He was doing in the lives of the students of the school, saying “if the children are guided well and disciplined, they will do well. 

There is no child out there who is useless. There are some who came here and could not speak a sentence of English, but now they are good.” 


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