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“ Kudos to all patriotic Ghanaians who are well-intentioned in their anti-corruption campaign, especially those who put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of Mother Ghana. We pray for guidance and protection for them at all times.

Don’t blame those who have been captured on tape taking various sums of money and livestock too much. The root causes of corruption in Ghana are poor remuneration and excessive financial pressures from family and friends. A third remote cause could be greed. Naming and shaming people will not end corruption, it only de-humanizes them and chips away at their dignity in the eye of the public. It may deter for.a while, but those who are hell-bent on taking bribes would not stop but devise ways of evading being captured on tape.

Who amongst us has never taken money for no work done, boozed, gambled or slept with someone other than your wife? Such deeds are inevitable and reflect human vulnerabilities none of us can claim sacrosanct morality over.

Stripping people of their dignity and making them unwilling characters in Hollywood-like blockbuster premiers cannot end corruption. It only increases hate and vengeance for the architects who may be well-intentioned.

There needs to be a change in strategy. The fight against corruption can only be won by speaking to the conscience of this nation. There should be a comprehensive national policy to psyche Ghanaians at all levels and the negative impact of corruption should be a major course taught at all educational levels and a subject of constant mention in all assemblies and places of worship. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It took Jesus 3 years and Prophet Muhammed 23.

Instead of being judgmental and shaming referees, has anybody bothered to know how ill-remunerated they are and what their pay policy or structure is?

Source; Irbard Ibrahim

What do we expect as a nation if what we glorify all day long are materialism and consumerism - we respect people based on how big their mansions are, how many cars they have and what latest designs they wear. Such artificial pressure from society could make anyone of us a victim.

Being poor in Ghana has become a crime. Instead of casting people in hell, pray that you are not forced by desperation to be caught doing what you are accusing them of today.

I declare that I am a sinner and I would rather be working all year round to make myself a righteous and upright person rather than go hang and destroy other people.

Let’s remove the logs in our eyes, before we attempt to remove the specks in others’ eyes

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